UK Man Wins $146,000 With Lucky Spins of the Roulette Wheel

Published on October 11th, 2017 4:32 am EST

The Royal Panda is performing a move with his nunchucks.  Roulette green color vegetation is in the background.It was an early Christmas for a 35-year old man from the United Kingdom, as he managed to win a lofty $146,000 playing live roulette at the Royal Panda Casino.

The day started like any other for Daniel from the UK. The Loyal Panda silver player logged into the Royal Panda online casino and decided to sit down to play some live roulette.

Daniel picked a high limits table, which meant that he was able to take a seat at an exclusive roulette table.

Daniel put down some big bets and was able to go on an envy-inducing streak that saw him win multiple $26,350 spins in a row.

By the time that the ride was over, Daniel was able to walk away with a payday of $146,795, which is not bad for a day's work.


"Live Roulette" is just as it sounds - a real croupier will be spinning a real roulette ball on a real roulette wheel. Through the magic of technology, all of this information is relayed to some computer software that takes bets and pays people out after the ball has stopped.

Many people enjoy live roulette as it closely mimics the live casino experience. If you want to feel like you are playing at a real casino in Las Vegas or Macau, the "live roulette" experience is for you.


Royal Panda offers high limit roulette tables that will allow you to bet between $1 and $200,000 per spin.

Whether you are betting $1 or $200,000, Royal Panda takes care of all of its customers very well.


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