Rome Casino: Where excitement and money collide

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For years everyone has been drawn to the casinos, with eyes glazed over in hope of winning the all mighty dollar in the slot machines or rolling the lucky 7 on the Craps Table. We are all familiar with the top of the food chain casino hot spots known as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Though these hot spots are fun and adventurous. Not everyone has the freedom to pack up for a week or even a quick weekend, that is when the internet card gets placed on the table and the fun begins.

rome casino logoOkay, so you have the computer and some dollars to spend in your bank account, now what? Why not try Rome Casino? Known as one of the internet's best casinos. Come and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Rome and state of the art technology. Come play all the best games such as roulette, Rome Casino Blackjack, video poker, or one of their wide variety of Rome Casino slots, the options are endless. Rome Casino provides US online casino customers with a safe place to play and gamble. A $1300 cash bonus is available to their customers along with a 200% bonus.

Now with all these card and table games to play, lets take a closer look at one of Rome Casino's most popular, Roulette. There are three options when it comes to choosing a table.
1. Roulette Black Diamond
2. Roulette Crystal
3. Roulette Titanium

Though the names are different, they are all played just the same. The game of Roulette consists of a wheel with 37 numbers, these include the numbers 1-36 and 0. once all the bets have been called the wheel is spun and a ball is placed on the edge of the wheel. The ball will then drop into one of the numbered pockets once the wheel slows down. The object of this eventful game is to determine which number or color the ball will ultimately land on, giving this game a rooting, and heart stopping thrill.

So if you have some time and some extra cash, get on your game face and journey on over to the Rome Casino, your fortune could be a single click away.