New Promotion at the Titan Casino - Bonus up to $4,000 - How does it work?

Published on May 6th, 2011

Titan Casino just redesigned their site. It looks really nice. They did a good job.

On their home page they are featuring the game of roulette. Here is a screenshot.

Screenshot of Titan Casino - Bonus Promo - Up to $4000 Free

Eyes right away go towards the Free $4,000 promotion.

How does this promotion work? Isn't $4,000 a lot of money to be give away by a casino?

Well, the bonus is not given all at once. This is how the promotion works.

It is a combination of 3 different bonuses; an initial deposit bonus, a monthly bonus and a weekly bonus.

The initial deposit bonus is a 100% bonus up to $200

There are 12 monthly bonuses, again 100% up to $200 for a total of $1,200

There are 26 weekly bonuses of 100% up to $100 each. for a total of $2,600

So all combined this is a $4,000 bonus promotion.

So a brand new design, well established online casino and a big bonus. Sounds pretty good.

Enjoy your stay at Titan Casino.

Good Luck.